Spaced Inn

Welcome to the Spaced Inn! Whatever the time, when we are open, join in, or grab a toasty or some cake and immerse yourself in the goings on.

The Spaced Inn is a new interactive & participatory venue for Guilfest. From family Arts activities to great music, you won't want to leave......

Doors open at 12:00 hrs on Friday. Its time to come and check out The Space Inn. Grab a drink and book into one of our video workshops, or sign up for the table football or table tennis tournament while our DJ's ping out some tunes.

Jellytree Video Arts will be running stop frame plasticine animation and a brand new 'Selfie Puppet' show workshops over the weekend for children and adults (A fee may apply). Create your own Sci-Fi adventure, or make your own selfie puppet to dance live on the big screen! All animations and film to be uploaded to youtube after the festival.

Visit / for more details.

On Friday evening there will be a mix of Video Visuals, Vjing with House and 80's dance tunes.

On Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 HRS until 11:30 HRS The Shoreham All Stars and The Spaced Inn House Band will be running music workshops for young people and families. Grab a tea or Coffee!

From 12:00 HRS its time for the Spaced Inn Pop Quiz, including other games shows like ' EAT THE CAKE’! Reserve your table or picnic space, grab some food and drink from The Spaced Inn Cafe. You could win your meal FREE and other prizes.....

Later, join in with The Ukejam Ukulele Workshop, followed by more great bands.

Saturday night is headlined by Pineapple Tribe, for a pre Notting Hill Carnival evening of Big beat Techno and lots of dancing. Carnival dress code!

Sunday night headlines include KANE FM's Boom & Bass VS Da Vinci sound with Soundation.

What a weekend this will be! Make sure you visit The Spaced Inn. Once you check in...You won't want to leave.

Also at The Spaced Inn:

The halow project is dedicated to creating opportunities and supporting young people aged 16-35 with a learning disability so that they are able to live independent, meaningful, fulfilled lives and become more involved in their local community.

One of halow’s activities is called A Reason To Get Up (ARTGU) which aims to give young people the opportunity to take part in work based activities. One of these activities is called Crafty Creations, who in conjunction with Watts Going On (facilitated by Craig Hills of Jellytree), collect used items that people tend to throw away such as bottles and plastic bags and turn them into beautiful, creative, saleable items.

At Guilfest this year, Crafty Creations will be making & selling festival wear such as flower headbands, flower wristbands, funky hats, and multi coloured Glamps (festival lamps). Alternatively, if you prefer you can make your own festival wear in our festival workshop!

By helping the halow project you’ll be supporting young people with a learning disability – visit us at ‘The Spaced Inn’.

For more information please visit: and