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What time does the festival open?

The Campsite opens at 10am on Thursday morning.

The Festival Arena opens at 11am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When does the Festival Close?

The Main Stage, Good time Guide Stage, Big Cheese Cave, Vive Le Rock Stage and Live Club Stages finish at 11pm on Friday and Saturday and 10pm on Sunday.

Late night attractions such as The Funky End, Rock Cave Disc, Farmer Giles Barn Dance, 70's Disco, Theatre Stage and Cosmic Comedy Zone all finish at 1am On Friday and Saturday and 12am on Sunday.

Visitors are expected to have vacated the Festival Arena by 1:30am on Friday and Saturday and 12:30am on Sunday.

The Campsites are open to camping wristband holders 24 hours a day until Midday on Monday 21st July.

Are you free to come and go during the event?

Yes you are but you will not be readmitted without your wristband.

Can I get tickets at the gate?

In the event the festival does not sell out (as it has done in previous years) a limited number of tickets will be available on the gate. Please be aware these will be subject to a surcharge of £10 on the face value of all weekend tickets and £5 on the face value of all day tickets.

Where do I get my wristband from?

If you have a weekend, weekend with camping, day or guest ticket go to the main wristband exchange where you will swap your ticket for a wristband which must be worn throughout the weekend/day.

Can I bring my children?

Of Course! - We are an award winning family festival with a fabulous KidZone, complete with all sorts of activities for children. Please see the KidZone page for more details.

Will children be admitted on their own?

People aged 18 years and over at the time of the festival will have to buy an adult ticket.

Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult aged 21 years or over.

Young persons aged 12-17 years old at the time of the festival will need to purchase a young person’s ticket.

Children aged 5-11 years old at the time of the festival will need to purchase a child’s ticket.

Children aged 4 years or younger at the time of the festival are admitted free accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.

A Maximum of 4 under 18’s per full fee paying adult.

Why do I have to bring ID with me to the festival?

Only persons proving they are 18 or over will be given wristbands that allow them to be served at the onsite bars. Stewards will also be patrolling the festival and may ask for ID when they see you drinking alcohol.

Are animals allowed in?

Only guide dogs are permitted.

When is my favourite band playing?

We cannot always be specific - the running times, (which may be subject to change) will be available in the programmes available at the festival, however you can get an idea by looking at the line up page on the website.

How close is the car park to the festival site?

The car park is right next to the festival site and it is free.

Can I bring glass onto the site?

No, no glass is allowed.

Can we bring our own alcohol to GuilFest?

Due to new licensing restrictions, alcohol cannot be taken into the festival arena, where reasonably priced alcohol will be available. However, alcohol is permitted within the campsite. A maximum of either 24 cans of beer/cider or 1 litre of spirit or 1 litre of wine can be taken onto the campsite per person over the weekend.

Can I bring legal highs to the festival?

No, GuilFest will not permit the use of legal highs on the premises. Our gate staff will be thoroughly searching for all illegal and restricted items including legal highs. Anyone caught in possession of legal highs will have them confiscated with the item disposed of permanently.

What discounts/facilities are available for customers with a disability?

Please see the Accessibility page for all details of disabled access at GuilFest. - Both the main stage and the 2nd Stage have raised viewing areas.

If you are disabled we will park you in an area close to the main entrance and ticket exchange. Please ask to be directed by the stewards upon entering the site.
We will endeavour to provide you with an easy access into the event with a steward to fast track your entrance. To enable us to provide this service please inform a steward at the main entrance of your arrival and numbers.

An area close to the entrance from the main festival compound and the camping area has been set aside and WC facilities with wheelchair access will be sited in this area. For those needing to bring a vehicle on-site please inform the stewards at the main entrance. Once on-site, vehicles cannot be moved due to health and safety regulations so for those who need to use their vehicle during the duration of the festival it is advisable to unload and then remove the vehicle from the camping areas.

There will be approximately eight different areas in which toilet facilities with wheel chair access are to be provided. In general where there are toilets sited, there will be toilets with disability access. Although stewards will endeavour to try to prevent other festival attendees from using these facilities so that they do not receive excessive use and become unhygienic, we cannot guarantee this so if at any time you find a toilet facility in a poor state please inform a steward.

Will there be medical support on site for emergencies?

Yes there will. St Johns Ambulance Service will run the medical tent for the duration of the festival and any questions as to this service should be directed to them on 01483 563453.

Will there be a separate family camping area?

Yes - exact site is yet to be decided but will most probably be in the camping area furthest away from the Main Stage.

Are Camp Fires Permitted?

No. Stoke Park is a public area of natural beauty, and we would like to keep it that way!

Disposable barbecues are allowed, but must be kept off the ground.

Can I bring a Campervan to the festival?

Yes, but due to limited space and health and safety regulations, a maximum of 80 campervans only will be permitted in the campervan field, and must be parked in accordance with the directions given by the attendant. The first 80 orders will be sent tickets and passes accordingly - no others will be permitted in this area. No caravans will be permitted. A maximum pitch space of 6m x 4.5m is available for each campervan, to include any awnings within this space. Should your vehicle and/or any attached awnings or additional tents take up more than this space you will be charged for a second pitch.

Can my friends camp next to my campervan in their tents?

No, there is a separate area for campervans only.

Can I put my campervans awning out?

Yes as long as it is within the space given per campervan.

Can I camp if I'm only coming for the day?

No, only people with weekend with camping passes will be permitted into the campsite.

Are there any hotels or B & B's nearby?

Contact Tourist Info on 01483444333.

Do you recycle all the rubbish?

Yes we do! See our recycling page for more info.

Where do I go if I have lost property?

For reporting or handing in lost property visit the clearly marked information tent on site. Lost property will be logged and held securely until claimed. If you have lost property after the festival you can telephone us on 01483 454159.

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