Ward Thomas

We were born in 1994 in London after much effort and a long wait on our parent’s part. Together with our elder brother, we grew up on a livestock farm in Hampshire, England.

 There is a strong seam of creativity on both sides of our family. Our grandmother wrote over forty novels and our great-grandfather was an inventor. Our parents were in a band together and Mum has become a well-recognized painter.

Today, our brother is an actor and a playwright.  So friends aren’t surprised that singing is what we love to do most in life. The fact that we choose to sing Country music needs a little more explanation.

We were only three when we gave our first public performance – interrupting a wedding to launch into a duet of Happy Birthday – not exactly on the program. We have been singing together ever since, whether it be in our high school choir or at our local pub.

 Our older Canadian close cousin, who lived with us for a bit, first introduced us to Country music (Carrie Underwood, Johnny Cash and the Dixie Chicks) when we were sixteen, and right away we fell in love with it. We had always enjoyed music; I (Lizzy) started guitar at 15 and I (Catherine) at 17, but it was the sound of Country and the stories told by Country artists in their songs that completely changed the focus of our lives towards music. In 2010, we gave our first “official” public performance, singing Carrie Underwood’s “We’re Young and Beautiful” at school.

It was during our later years at school that our lives changed forever. Our school singing teacher was always supportive of our love of music and we began songwriting with her and our school’s music teacher. They introduced us to Nashville-based producers Bobby Blazier and Chris Rodriquez who agreed to produce some songs. We grew as songwriters, continued school while sending music to Nashville, and by 2012, after completing our 6th Form studies (like finishing high school in America), we actually flew to Nashville to record some of our songs.

Our lives haven’t always been perfect or easy. Our parents went through a divorce when we were twelve. We had our share of family tiffs and a broken heart or two along the way, but those are the growing pains that inspired us to think and write about life beyond the fields. However it is our early years of living on the farm that give us our country roots: Cows, chickens, pigs and goats have the same language in rural England as they do below America’s Mason-Dixon line.  So we write and sing about family, friends and the stories that make life real – true Country music.
So that is the beginning of our story. Thanks for listening. No matter what country you call home, we hope you’ll want to join us on our journey.

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