Virginia Water based 'The Wonderyears' are delighted to return to perform at this year's Guilfest.

With an average age of 70 and the oldest at 90, The Wonderyears are the UK’s oldest Seniors Rock Chorus and Band. The traditional view of grandparents is soon shattered when they start to belt out hard rock and punk as well as contemporary pop.

This will be their third year at Guilfest and, since their formation in 2007, The Wonderyears have not only performed in many venues in the UK but have also been filmed for national TV and were quarter finalists in Britain’s Got Talent 2012.

Founder and Musical Director, Dave Thomas, says that ‘life truly begins at 70.’ ‘The Wonderyears demonstrate very powerfully that just because you qualify for a bus pass and a winter fuel allowance, you are not ‘over the hill.’ ‘Their performances are both inspirational and entertaining and leave audiences with the feel good factor.’

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