The Scintillas

The Scintillas are a band from South London who met back in 2003 at a local music college in Epsom.

Together Neville and Paul began writing and recording their music together, largely unperformed for many years, but with a chance rare one off gig they met a young female guitarist, Laura. Then a while later found Bob who completed the line up and gives them the complex steady beat, from which their unique rock/reggae sound was born.

Their music has be likened to that of The Kinks, The Clash, The Beatles, Kings of Leon and Pink Floyd. Quite an eclectic mix which produces a markedly different sound. When they're together they are noticeably having a good time and carry themselves with a kind of shambolic charisma both on, and off stage. This characteristic also reflects in the music they write; serious, but not that serious.

The Scintillas have held their own alongside bands such as The View, Razorlight, Toploader, Dogs and Pete and the Pirates and many more. They have played at some prominent London venues over the years and have grown exponentially in that time. The Scintillas are now a must see act who, if you haven't seen them yet. Now is the time.

Peace out

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