The Handsome Devils’ Club

In early March 2013, Ollie Manson (guitarist) was unfulfilled with his current musical exploits and yearned for a new outlet.

He placed an ad on the internet calling for fellow musicians of the same mind to start a blues-rock band. Jack Dunnigan (guitarist), who was also unfulfilled in his current musical career, instantaneously replied to Ollie’s advert, and arranged to meet on Reading Bridge.

Ollie then set about recruiting the rest of the band, and the first form of The Handsome Devils’ Club (then un-named) met at Luke Bromfield’s (drummer) home. The chemistry between Jack, Luke, and Ollie was evident, but the band still lacked a driving force behind it. This lust for a driving force is what drove to the recruitment of Tom Fisher (vocals) on bass and vocals. Through a series of line-up changes that eclipsed the band’s first gigs, a final line up was solidified after the joining of Yani De Jesus Patel (bassist). The band then set out to fill the musical void that they feel exists in modern music.

THDC soon realised that five slightly unstable guys playing music made for a great live show! So they stuck with it and ……

The Handsome Devils’ Club was born.

During this time, the band’s sound evolved into their own signature blend of Modern Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock and Blues. In Summer 2013 writing and recording began for The Handsome Devils’ Club for a late summer-release EP, christened ‘Runway’. The Handsome Devils’ Club are on the rise in the Reading music scene, and it seems that their ascension to musical success cannot be stopped.

With their punchy hooks and melodic verses, THDC are a fresh face on the Alternative Rock scene. After gigging furiously, the band honed their live performance until it was the renowned stage act that it is today.

With their high-octane performance, THDC are climbing the musical ladder and this year are stoked to be playing GUILFEST 2014


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