The Enemy

Way back in 2006 trendy kids around the world were wearing fluorescent attire and immersing themselves in the latest craze, something called "NU-rave" the tidal wave of indie that had flooded the nation was starting to show signs of receding, when from seemingly nowhere three very young musicians from Coventry emerged calling themselves The Enemy.

The band greeted the hip music scene with contempt, and a two fingered salute to the trend setting elite. There was always controversy, there was always an opinion being presented by one magazine or another as an attack on such and such, but behind the media's sensationalism of frontman Clarke's often throw away critiques, there was some serious stuff going on. The band's competence to deliver stunning live performances has seen them share a stage with some of the biggest and greatest acts in the world including The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, Oasis, The Manic Street Preachers, Ash, Paul Weller and the mighty Bon Jovi, spanning venues from their local saturday sports club 'Folly Lane Football club where the band performed one of their first ever gigs, to five performances at Wembley Stadium. Their songs have always seemed to capture a zeitgeist and subsequently many fans hearts, Enemy fans are some of the most passionate and loyal in all of music. The Enemy have never really been in vogue, they've always been the underdog.

Fast forward eight years and The Enemy have matured, humbled and ripened into something far more complete and purposeful and become a well established act. Three albums, all top ten, including "we'll live and die in these towns" that topped the UK top 40 and went on to go Platinum and become the soundtrack for a new disaffected generation. There was also a plethora of Top 10 singles which rivals most of their contemporaries. Whilst the band might be more mature today, they're still every bit as passionate. In fact as time goes on the bond between the band and fans seems to strengthen and the music continues to evolve. The Enemy aren't supposed to be the worlds trendiest band, their best moments have been in the face of adversity, their finest work has been made when nobody thought it was possible. The spirit of The Enemy is something you can't bottle, you can't even really describe, you certainly can't fake, but you can hear it in their music and you can sense it in the air of their live performances. When you boil it down, The Enemy are simply three young musicians who aren't about cool, or "celebrity", they're just in it for the love of music and the passion of the fans.

The band release a new 3 track EP - June 9th 2014
"singles / B-sides / Rarities" Boxset - June 9th 2014

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