STU (Cause4Concern)

Causing unease, causing disquiet and causing some serious dancefloor damage, Cause4Concern are back to their invincible best, and those caught in their collective laser beams will never be quite the same again. Optiv, CZA and StuC4Chave been an institution in drum & bass since their collective beginning back in 1999, and are in no way ready to give up on their plans of world domination just yet.

From their London base, they have set about and conquered many different styles of d&b, be it on their own family of labels, or via such major players as Virus, Subtitles, Renegade Hardware, Playaz and many more. Their performances have graced all parts of the world, and have left crowds stunned and begging for more. Their artistry, versatility and quality are all hallmarks of their dedication to the scene, stretching back some 14 years.

Since the very start, C4C have been widely respected, no matter what they have turned their hands to. Their first release was on the mighty Moving Shadow, and it wasn’t long until they put their creative heads together, and started their own seminal imprint. That label, C4C Recordings, has seen releases and remixes from some amazing artists, including Stakka & Skynet, Teebee, Matrix, Fierce, Audio, Prolix, Mindscape, and more, and, as artists themselves, C4C tracks have seen the light of day on labels as diverse as BC Presents, Metro, and Quarantine. One of their finest moments came with the issue of the Pandemic album in 2008, further cementing their reputation for awe-inspiring , high quality music.

C4C’s sound is a story of contrasts. From the light to the dark, but deeper, and deeper still, they blend the seemingly simple with the highly intricate. Crystalline drums mix with warming, liquid bass notes. C4C are, and have never been, about any one thing, but add elements to their palette which are least expected. Their music shines with brilliance, being sharply original and experimental at all times. Deep, nearly spiritual grooves mix easily with a nose for the dancefloor. You have to listen to fully understand.

C4C stand as warriors in an ever-changing scene. Their importance has never been more apparent than now, as they reaffirm their passion and integrity with new music and increased touring activity. They represent something pure, something unsullied in their approach to music making, with each member adding their own style to compliment the others’.

2013 is seeing renewed activity right across the C4C spectrum. With a whole host of upcoming releases from themselves as well as brand new fresh material from respected artists In the scene, they continue to shape the drum & bass world with regular live and radio appearances.
Cause4Concern continue to be one of the most exciting names in drum & bass. Watch out for their music coming to you in a number of different guises, all united by a desire and an ability to move the crowd, mind body and soul. Causing a disturbance, causing a reaction and causing one and all to sit up and take notice.

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