"This time we're gonna set up in the garage…" D'ya jook? Broken valves, dusty 2. Open mics, loose tights. Hearts o' gravel, roots 'n' grit. Burnt amps, pounding guns. The radio's bust, D'ya wanna jook?

"This is pure Rogue.." (Johny Cassidy,

Stoneblower was conceived a little over a year ago, after a passing conversation. That conversation centered on a mutual interest in noise, an admiration & love of recording techniques, & the process of making music.

Brad Williams & Paul Emons met whilst both were without bands. Paul had finished recording & touring the second album with glam-punksters Thee Orphans’ & was looking for something fresh. Likewise, Brad was feeling the need to write & record again following his recording & touring commitments with Mike Peters (The Alarm).

The plan was to compose an experimental production music album, influenced by blues, New Orleans hoodoo, bluegrass & swampy grooves. As Brad & Paul both have a long history of composing music for TV & film, this seemed ideal. And so it began – loops, ideas & field recordings were exchanged, ideas were transferred back & forth… & the songs started to come to life.

All the while, neither Paul or Brad had stepped in the studio together - everything was being done remotely via Internet & SMS messages!

Behind the scenes in the meantime, a strong following of fans and fellow music lovers were getting on board - all attracted by this curiously lo-fi, garage noise. Brad & Paul started to realize that this was turning into something much more than a bunch of tunes for a production music library. So much so, one of those fans invited Stoneblower to do a live session on her radio show “House Rent Boogie” (Resonance FM). Gigs in London & across the South East, & further radio appearances followed - this thing, this experiment, was growing… More players were needed...

Andy McCabe not only brought his low slung bass & vocals to accompany Paul’s Lead vocals & drumming, but his classical music education & years of gigging with bands such as Lazy Kick and Men With Strong Arms blended perfectly with Brad’s writing & guitar style.

The radio show was a huge success - introducing Stoneblower’s reputation, as a shambolic, joyous, garage blues/rock band wasn’t easy - but it was worth it. The band is currently writing & recording newer stronger songs, & requests have flooded in for live shows & radio performances/airplay (Resonance FM,, eagle 3). One of the newer demos - the bar brawl inducing ‘Skeleton Key’, started raising a few eyebrows stateside & has been picked up for the soundtrack to the US feature film ‘Wheels’(Official Main Trailer), due out in September 2014. The band is currently recording tracks with Dom Brown (Duran Duran guitarist) engineering in London.

And the album isn’t even finished yet!

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