The guys from Skaciety all met on a gap year, at a time when they were supposed to be studying for their GCSEs.

Brought together by a love of American Ska / Punk music, and an even greater loathing of applied mathematics, they have been inseparable for the last 2 years, playing show after show, and relentlessly clocking up many miles, and Haribo Tangfastics on the way.
Their long awaited debut Album “Messing With Your Dreams” (a title which came from a Jim Jefferies Alcoholocaust show) will be available for download  in August 2014, to coincide with their first UK tour.

The band themselves are keen to distance themselves from the stereotypical partying frat boy image, associated with many ska / punk bands. Instead they rely on hours of FIFA 09, fizzy pop and liquorice laces to keep them going between shows. In fact Ben, has never once let practicing the Trombone, get in the way of learning new goal celebrations.
Lucas, the drummer plays seven different instruments, and conceals his secret love of algebra from the band, whilst Oliver who plays bass is a hand model for Dr Martens. Spazzy (Trumpet) is the band's great lothario. He is known to woo young ladies he meets over the internet with love poetry, and has been barred from Selfridges for dry humping mannequins.

Aiden (Vocals/Guitar/Frowny Faces) has no discernable likes or dislikes, although he once headbutted a dolphin at seaworld, for clacking out of key.

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