Sham 69 (Original Line Up)

Sham 69 were quire simply one of THE top punk bands of the late seventies. Lead by the charismatic and irrepressible Jimmy Pursey they produced a stream of catchy, populist, short and sweet punk tunes including 'If The Kids Are United', 'Hurry Up Harry' and 'Angels With Dirty Faces' that made the British charts.

What makes Sham 69 even more interesting though is their arrival on the scene when Punk began to move from the more elitist fashion driven art scene to a rougher, more working class ethic. While some original faces on the scene perceived this as a dumbing down, others saw it as a breath of fresh air on a moribund scene. Add in a skinhead revival, frequent violence at their gigs and the Sham 69 one is a fascinating story.

But above all Sham are a fantastic, full on punk band with great tunes, a top singer and a dynamic live act, and, as they originally hail from Hersham, this show will be one chance to see the band close to their home turf.  A unique opportunity not to be missed!

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