oʊ r æ ŋ ə f r uː p
oh - rang - a - froop

Live 'avin it psychedelic electronic music experience

Orangafruüp are a four piece electronic dance band from South-East London. Using a combination of live drums, sequencers, guitar, eigenharp and keyboards they play a live mashup of hard-hitting techno, mind-bending psychedelia, twisted drum 'n' bass, circus-rave, futuristic folk and all things inbetween!

The band have been playing together for 4 years, in that time they have become favourites at festivals and parties across the uk, as well as spending a couple of years as the house band for circus productions such as Madame Pains Boudoir Circus.

Orangafruup have just released their first recording, a full-length 10 track album

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