My Never Time

My Never Time are:

EX-EarthTone9 Bass player Graeme Watts, then signed to Copro Records in 1998 seeing their hardest and noisiest recordings released, it quickly grabbed the attention of the British rock press, with favourable reviews in Terrorizer and Metal Hammer and a five- star rating in mainstream modern rock magazine Kerrang, Tour the UK and Europe, supporting the likes of Slipnot and sepaltura!

EX- Bernard Guitarist/Vocals Steve Dowling EX- Bernard Drummer Oli (Darren Oliver Jones).

Then signed to Spinach Records Until 2007. With their Albums and EP’s and UK touring supporting Les Carter from Carter USM. Courteney Love’s band member Kat Bjelland, and Guilfest 2004 opening up for the alarm, the damned, Simple Minds and again the British rock press stood up and took notice with favourable reviews in Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and four out of five-star rating in Kerrang topping the goo goo dolls!

Graeme, Steve and Oli decided to meet up and make some noise to see what rears its head…. That noise has already seen a UK Tour that is now shaking the foundations of every venue they played with reviews from the fast growing fan base of promoters and followers loving their sound and energy with reviews and feedback of… YOUR SOUNDS LIKE. Queens Of The Stoneage meets vocals like EX-Soundgarden, Audioslave front man Chris Cornell, surge of Alice in Chains…. Think the above meets Foo Fighters, meets Joe Bonsamassa,, meets Whitesnake, meets Kinks, meets Bowie, meets Rainbow… That’s “My Never Time”   Oli based in Basingstoke and Graeme and Steve based in Aldershot.

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