HammerJack are 5 piece hard rocking band from Guildford, forming in July 2012.

Their sound can be recognised from the early roots of Rock, from the likes of early ACDC, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. Even though they have a classic influence they have managed to create a raunchy, dirty rock sound which is unique to them. This unique sound mixed with lots of hard work has catapualted them around the UK, and Europe and being played on various radio stations. The next stage for the band is to get in the studio and record a E.P


Few quote

" Sweet tune, great chorus very catchy, strong (Kerry Jones esx vocals) like it. Nice work. JB " - Black Radar Management

" This band reminds me of why i first fell in love with Rock in the first place.
I highly recommend that anyone who is serious about there rock. Check these guys out!" - Industry Insider


"These boys have a big nasty sound. Dangerous to my ears" -Liam Howlett (The Prodigy)

'Bangin' Crossover Shit.. 8/10' Rock Sound

‘The best cyberpunk riot since The Prodigy’ The Metro

"It's the sounds that they use. They just f*ck up your speakers. Wicked tunes, killer band!" - Benji (Skindred)

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