Confessions of a Traitor

Established in 2013, Confessions of a Traitor have come a long way in their short career.

Having shared the stage with great known bands, Polar, Chronographs, Malevolence, Black Tongue and Hacktivist.
They have become known for their beefy riffs, heavy breakdowns and energetic live shows. Their live show is something that cannot be missed.

They are the brink of releasing a 6 track EP at the end of July 2014 along with their début music video.

"Like Killswitch Engage on speed the band put in an impressive energetic performance with breakdowns aplenty.

With a very well crafted stage act including synchronised jumping and headbanging they meant business. Musically theirs’ was of great variation, with some thrash riffs thrown in and Lamb Of God style grooves too they kept the pace fast and very tight.

They also had great crowd interaction with the singer really getting the crowd going, even while standing on a sofa like a preacher instructing his flock. Unrelenting speed is what Confessions Of A Traitor are all about and what they do best and they brought them in spades." - Simon Hall, Metal Mouth

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