Captain Flatcap

Captain Flatcap is multi-genre, instrumental Electronic Dance Music.

It is both the live 3-piece band (Chris Rotherham, Tom Rotherham, Gareth Roberts) and the DJ (Chris Rotherham). The live band, similar to the Captain’s DJ sets, is centred around electro swing, but also includes influences of ska, funk, folk and various genres of dance music. The band wields trumpet, flute, guitar, mandolin, keyboard, percussion, and a load of squelch! The Captain has his own weekly radio show on KaneFM, 9a.m. – 11, every Friday.
Captain Flatcap has supported The Correspondents, Dutty Moonshine, The Swingrowers, Defunk, Odjbox, The Electric Swing Circus, Kitten and the Hip, Sound Assembly, Strobe Circus, Wolfie Razzmatazz, C@ In The H@, Too Many T’s and many more.

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