Black Futures

Formerly known as Subsource, Black Futures are taking things to a new level.

While still fusing fierce beats, crushing riffs, brutal basslines, and soaring vocals they are twisting the screws and ramping the pressure with their new phase of crossover music.

Having just supported with The Prodigy, a tour history making them a festival favourites from Somerset to Beijing, and select dates while recording their debut album Black Futures are ready to  push every sound system into submission this fall. 

Get in the pit and get ready to jump.  Not to be missed   



"These boys have a big nasty sound. Dangerous to my ears" -Liam Howlett (The Prodigy)

'Bangin' Crossover Shit.. 8/10' Rock Sound

‘The best cyberpunk riot since The Prodigy’ The Metro

"It's the sounds that they use. They just f*ck up your speakers. Wicked tunes, killer band!" - Benji (Skindred)

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