GuilFest aims to continue to provide and improve the available facilities so as to allow everyone to participate and enjoy what we hope has become one of the best festivals for our less-able visitors. GuilFest is blessed to be located in such a beautiful location as Stoke Park with its wide open spaces. Stoke park is an accessible venue for visitors with mobility disabilities as the site comprises of gentle inclines and short cut grass.

On Site Facilities

GuilFest are proud to inform our visitors that both our Main Stage and The Good Time Guide Stage feature raised viewing platforms for visitor with disability. Situated next to the sound desks for each stage, from these areas, visitors will have prime views of the stages, as well as great sound quality.

We are also able to provide you with at least one wheelchair access toilet in each toilet block area on site. Wheelchair charging facilities are available in both the information tent, and our dedicated camping area for people with disabilities.

Around GuilFest, you will find large format signage, as well as dedicated stewards located in key areas to provide any help or information required. Traders are all made aware prior to the event of the needs of people with disabilities.

Guide dogs are very welcome, however family pets no matter how cherished are not allowed on site.

Medical facilities

GuilFest's on site medical facilities are provided by the St Johns ambulance service. The St John's medical tent is well staffed with experienced crews 24hrs each day (tel: TBC).


GuilFest features a fenced off camping area, close to the Main Stage for visitors with disabilities and their families and friends. In this area visitors can find:

- Wheelchair accessible toilet facilities
- Wheelchair charging facilities
- 24 Hour Stewarding

Whilst being outside of the main festival compound, the camping area for people with disabilities has the advantages of easy access into the main arena and a level (ish) site. The area is also less crowed whilst remaining as secure as any area of a festival can be. We make sure that those of you who need to be able to have ready access to you cars are able to do so.

Please carefully consider what you leave in your tents or vehicles as we cannot take responsibility for any loss or damages and please look out for each of your fellow campers.

Tickets for Disabled Visitors & Carers

GuilFest will provide disabled attendees who are in receipt of a middle or higher rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with 1 free ticket for a personal assistant to accompany them at the festival. We do ask that you provide evidence of DLA and fill in the personal assistant ticket form.

Under 12's must be accompanied by a full paying adult.

you can download a personal assistant ticket form here

How to Buy Your Tickets

We would recommend that you give us a call first so that we can better explain the various options available to you, our telephone number is 01483 454159.

Step by Step Instructions for buying tickets from our internet site
- Click on the "Buy tickets" icon on the homepage.
- Click to pay by cheque
- Print off and fill in the ticket form
- Fill in a personal assistant ticket form

Send your forms and a photocopy of evidence that you are in receipt of a higher rate Disability Living Allowance along with your cheque to:

GuilFest 2014,
54 Haydon Place,


Travelling to the Festival

Guildford is an easily accessible town either by train or road. GuilFest is located in Stoke Park in the centre of Guildford. Entrance to the festival is via the entrance in London Road. Please see Google maps for a map of the location. For Guilford borough council tourists information please telephone 01483444333

By Rail

Guildford Station is on the main London Waterloo to Portsmouth line and is just two stops from Woking which is a main connection point for train routes to reading, Birmingham and beyond etc. National Rail enquiries can be contacted on: 0845 7484950

By Bus

The Numbers 3, 34, 35, 36, 462 run to Stoke Park every few minutes from the central bus station, which is a short distance from the train station. All of the buses are accessible for visitors with disabilities. For more information on Arriva Buses timetable call 01483 505693 or visit

By Taxi

Taxies are available just outside the main train station exit. Guildford taxis do include several taxis with wheelchair access, however you may wish to book your taxi in advance. The following taxi companies provide this service:

City Cabs and Cars 01483 888666 email:
G.T.A 01483 502250

Please be aware that GuilFest cannot testify to the quality of the service that these companies provide.

By Road

Guildford is reachable by the A3 and is located very close to junction 10 on the M25.

Arriving at GuilFest

If you intend to arrive by car, we ask that you display a disability parking sticker in a visible position so that our parking stewards can direct you to our dedicated disabled parking or camping areas. If you do not possess such a sticker or are to travel in a friends vehicle, please inform the parking stewards of your wish to reach the disabled parking or camping areas.

Wristband exchange

Tickets will need to be exchanged for wristbands. Whilst we endeavour to help speed up your exchange process we cannot always provide you with a dedicated steward, however we do try very hard to make this process as easy and straightforward as possible.

Entrance and Exits

We at GuilFest do not believe in forcing our customers to have to use turnstiles, we do however use a funnelling system so as to allow the stewards to check visitors wristbands whilst allowing for a smooth and easy entrance and exit.

Off site facilities

Shower facilities with wheel chair access are available at the Spectrum Leisure Centre which is a very short distance away from the new camping area. There is however a short incline of about 50 meters to reach the leisure centre. Please telephone Spectrum Leisure Centre on 01483 443322 for more details.

The nearest hospital is the Royal Surrey Hospital. The hospital can be reached on 01483 571122

About Our Website

GuilFest provide a number of services and areas for our more less able bodied festival goer on site at Stoke Park, from disabled viewing platforms, toilets and first aid areas.
The team at GuilFest have also spent time to ensure this website meet as many of the criteria to ensure the website is as accessible as possible.

The website has also been coded and designed to [W3 standards] for HTML and CSS compatibility. These are standards that browsers as well as many devices rely on to navigate and understand the content on each page. As an example, you can check the compatibility of this page by clicking here [W3 compatibility test]. This will open a new window.

We recognise that our web site is in a constant state in change with additions being implemented throughout the year, and as such would welcome any feedback as to areas on this site that users may wish to be improved, or they feel lack accessibility. We will endeavour to respond to all constructive comments as we are committed to making a web site for all.

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