Getting to GuilFest

GuilFest is situated on Stoke Park, some outstanding park land right in the centre of Guildford. Stoke Park is kindly opened up to thousands of festival goers for one weekend a year and the best in world music descends on our town. You´ll find all the information you will require about getting to the festival here.

By Road

Travelling by car to GuilFest is easy - situated just a couple of miles from the M25 makes getting to the festival child's play!

From the M25

Leave the M25 at junction 10 and join the A3 heading for Guildford. Leave the A3 to follow signs for Leisure Centre (4 miles from M25) Once on the slip road you will need to take the first sharp left, driving past the Travel Inn The festival is then 400m on the right

To park your car you will need to drive up to the next roundabout and turn right, hugging the fringes of Stoke Park - the car park entrance is 400m on the right.

From the A3 heading North towards Guildford

Drive past the University & Cathedral turn off - DO NOT get off here.

Exit at next junction remaining in the right hand lane - take a right and then left to head towards the town Centre - getting into the left hand lane.

Remaining in the left hand lane, continue straight driving through 3 sets of lights, the 3rd will have the Guildford Fire Station directly on your right.

Once past the 3rd set of lights continue straight and the festival is 400m on your right. To park your car continue to the next roundabout and turn right, hugging the fringes of Stoke Park - the car park entrance is 400m on the right.

By Train

Guildford is on one of the main lines from Portsmouth and London so getting a train should not pose too much of a problem. However, Guildford does have 2 train stations, one in the main town and the other at London Road,(which is not on the main line) Guildford. London Road is very close to Stoke Park and is only a 5 minute walk to the festival entrance.

Arriving at London Road Station

Exit the station and make your way to London Road, this is the road that goes directly over the station, via the bridge. Walk up the hill away from the town centre. Keep walking straight for about 5 minutes until you see the large grassy area to your right, this is Stoke Park and you´ll probably see a lot of happy smiley people there - just follow them to the entrance.

Guildford Town Main Station

Exit at platform 1 and either jump in a taxi from directly outside or take the short stroll to the bus station and approx. If you feel like a good 30 minutes walk - why not take in the sights of Guildford and walk it!

To get to the bus station

Leave the railway station from platform 1's exit (there are 2).

Walk down to the pedestrian crossing at the road - once across the road turn right and follow the path round.

Once over the river you will see some traffic lights about 100m, cross over the road and again turn right in front of the Friary Shopping Centre.

Follow the path all the way round the Friary Shopping centre - the Bus station is on the other side.

There should be special buses provided for festival go'ers - however there is an information office inside the station.

Walking to the festival from the Train Station

Leave the station at platform 1 and walk down to the pedestrian crossing about 50 yards towrds the underpass.

Cross the road and turn right, follow the road round as it snakes round to the left over the river wey about 100 yards from the station.

At the next pedestrian crossing (By the Drink Nightclub) cross over the road and make your way towards the Friary Shopping Centre, on the other side of the double crossing turn left, following the road towards the big roundabout and the Police station on the right.

At the roundabout, cross the road by using the pedestrain crossing and head towards the large church on your right. Once on the other side keep going towards and through the under pass toward York Road - at the other isde turn right and follow York road up to the next pedestrian crossing

Walk up to the traffic lights (Past the Elm Pub) and turn left.

Walk down Chertsey Street towards the railway bridge.

Turn right after the railway bridge - its best to cross over and go through the pedestrian tunnel, turning right as you exit.

Follow the road up about 200m crossing the road - and you are there - GuilFest should be very visible on your left. Follow the fence round to the right towards the entrance where you will be issued your wrist bands.

Taxi's to the festival

Leave the bus station from the right (if your back was to the Friary Shopping centre)

Follow the path round in front of the shopping centre

There is a taxi rank in front of Jamie's Italian restaurant.

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