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“Once in a while whether its just luck or was written in the stars to be , a new band band arrives on the London scene that simply blows your mind . Saint Jude are THAT band. Imagine The Faces jamming with a sweeter voiced Janis Joplin and we are halfway there , add in the whole of The Stones classic masterpiece Exile On Main Street , and you get the picture. Diary Of A Soul Fiend is simply a masterpiece of superb musicianship , brilliantly crafted songs , that have been played live many times just to get them to the point of near perfection. Vocalist Lynne Jackaman was born a star , is a star , and once the band receive the recognition they deserve , people will be singing her praises for years to come . The rest of the band under the leadership of guitarist and damn right Keef for the new generation Adam Greene play with such a passion that you cannot be less than moved by the music.”
“Saint Jude are embryonic superstars. 
If you like your rock’n’roll down ‘n’ dirty catch them while you can. 
It could be many years before they play venues this size again. 
Just ask Ronnie Wood.”
Tribune Magazine 5/2/10
“See this lot now, because I’ve the feeling they’re gonna be a major band very fast!”
Classic Rock
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