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"The Dirty Disco will rip off your head and shout down your neck if you stare in their eyes" Virtual Festivals @ The Great Escape
"The whole afternoon however was entirely overshadowed by The Dirty Disco. They were great, equal parts drama school and what Lady Gaga was probably dreaming about when she was playing solo gigs in New York." Quism @ The Great Escape
When asked to describe the pulsating electro theatrics of Guildford / London based The Dirty Disco, one crackpot follower had this advice: “Imagine… the lust child of Ziggy Stardust and Britney Spears”. And they weren’t far from the mark. What they neglected to mention was this Britney Spears would also have to have a penchant for bad acid, more than a passing interest in the happenings of back-street Soho and a unique way of fusing gyrating electronica with infectious pop hooks.
The Dirty Disco's debut and introductory single "Sista!" peaked at No. 21 in the iTunes Dance Chart and was mixed along with future singles "White Room" and "Storyteller" by the Grammy Award winning Dylan "3D" Dresdow, Will.I.Am / Black Eyed Peas long-term studio accomplice, who's also been responsible for mixing Cheryl Cole, Rihanna and more recently Kelis. 
The band's new single "White Room" will be released at the beginning of August, this is the Subsource Remix (Rocksound Rock Cave Sunday) available as a free download;
"The Guildford mystery, that is known as The Dirty Disco..they've been described by someone as 'An unhealthy dose of glam! Sleazy and above all irresistibly catchy pop!' Oh hold on, that was me" Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music ("Sista!" Features on the 6Music 'Best Of Introducing' Mixtape)

"Emerging British electro-pop Sensation The Dirty Disco.. a perfect balance between emo-fueled pop rock and 80s inspired synth pop with a theatrical twist.. A potent package of both style and substance" Arjan Writes

“Sometimes a band is birthed into the world fully-formed with a sound and image all their own. Without any corporate fiddling, The Dirty Disco have managed to construct something that's as polished and professional as it is artsy and avant garde. With this type of band, it's important to have a dynamic frontman, and they certainly have one in lead singer Adam. He's an absolutely bat-shit crazy performer” No.1 Hits From Another Planet
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