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The music young five piece Blitz Kids produce is an unholy collision of pop, punk, dance and disco – it’s music that draws on the punk/hardcore bands they grew up listening too, but much more besides. So while there are shades of At The Drive-In and Glassjaw in there, Blitz Kids are also unashamedly and unapologetically pop and dance-minded. They don’t mind admitting that the New Romantic records that their parents used to spin have also had a major influence.


It’s there in their choice of name, which references the outlandish post-Bowie clubbers that centred around Covent Garden’s Blitz club at the turn of the 1980s.


Their beginnings lie in plethora of bands spread across the country who played a variety of hardcore, pop-punk and political punk. All, they admit, were awful, but when those many bands split, five members gravitated together around their home towns of Crewe and Nantwich to form their first band together in 2006.


Operating under the name Rig Up Explosive they built up a strong live following but soon realised that their name was unwieldy and their tunes rapidly becoming stale. So rather than stoically foisting their music on the public they had the good grace to go back to the drawing board to become a great band rather than just a good one. Like ugly ducklings turning into swans the quintet were re-born as Blitz Kids in late 2009.


With the new name came a new set of songs and a new direction – punk music you can shake your ass too. Dance music played on guitars. Disco music for provincial white kids for who slam-dancing and moshing is just that little too obvious. Fans of LostProphets, Foals, Head Automatica, Biffy Clyro, Bloc Party and At The Drive-In should all find something to be excited about here. But then so should fans of anything that worships at the altar of pop music too. Especially if they don’t mind abandoning their too-cool-for-school posturing to instead cut some rug on the dancefloor.


Their debut release ‘Decisions’ with lead single ‘An Ink Blot In A Blood Clot’ garnered critical acclaim and saw Blitz Kids described as having hints of ‘the powerful punch of Thursday’ (Kerrang!), sounding like ‘Lostprophets massacring about seven different bands’ ( and significantly, as a the type of band that will have you ‘headbanging, shaking your arse and singing along all in the same breath’ (Rock Sound).


Step forward a few months and Blitz Kids’ flourishing career continued with their follow up; ‘Scavengers’. Here’s a release that continues to showcase their blurring of genres, splicing elements from all their alt-rock-indie-pop peers. This introspective and often self-reflective collection of songs has already seen them championed by XFM (for whom they recorded a highly successful live session), Kerrang! TV & Radio and Scuzz (who selected the band in their top acts to watch out for 2010.)


Remember when it was OK to want to be a star? When being a pop peacock was applauded rather than sneered out?


Blitz Kids do. Hopefully you do too.

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