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This Vintage Fall formed sometime in 2008, as a vehicle for songwriter Jamie Williams to get a bunch of melodies and lyrics that he had written, and put them out into the world. Formed by Jamie and his brother Alex (who play guitar and bass guitar respectively), the band soon recruited drummer Hector Stanley and singer Emma Duffy, and by 2009 the band was ready to step out into the world.

            In early days, the band played gigs at friends’ houses and charity fundraisers in the area (and still do). These energetic shows lead to the building of a small but rabid fanbase, and the chance meeting with a man called Ray. The band have been recording with the man called Ray since that meeting, and after an initial bout of recordings (which provided invaluable experience, but didn’t realise the full potential of the songs), the band waited a while, playing a few more shows before heading back into the studio with better tunes and more experience.

            Out of these sessions came the more slick tracks The Escapist (Funky Song) and Las Risas. This Vintage Fall played their biggest show to date at Guilfest 2009, with more shows later in the year.

TVF are currently in the process of completing their new “Mega – Hits” (in the most underground sense of the word possible), including fan-favourite ‘Jenny’, which will hopefully be released before they play Guilfest again this summer.

TVF are constantly looking for new places to play, playing both acoustic and electric gigs wherever they can find them!

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