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British singer-songwriter Nicolette Street is launching her second album “Rewind” on her own record label.  - “I’m over the moon about this release. The songs were all written during challenging times in 2008 and 2009 and I feel that I have created an album that is honest and truthful to my feelings for the events that triggered the songs.” states Nicolette.
Produced largely by Swedish songwriter and producer Carl Engelmarc, the set boasts full-on dance tracks, soulful rock and big ballads. Nicolette delivers, with a soulful voice of the Pink/KT Tunstall/Kelly Clarkson style, a variety of punchy songs that channel an array of influences from 80’s dance/synth ("It’s complicated"), Euro Trash (“I Kill For You”) to Americana influenced punk rock ("Don’t Give It Away"). The title track "Rewind" marries early Sheryl Crowe with Aerosmith, while the first single, "Don’t Give It Away," is richly constructed pop-rock drenched in keening romantic regret.
 Nicolette Street doesn't seem to have a lot of luck in love - at least in song. But that's all right when it yields strong lines like, "Time will can heal the wounds that’s what the people say. Time will lead the way. Time will heal the wounds, but scars will never go, that’s something we all know that’s what the record shows”.

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