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"This is acoustic folk with funk, drive, passion and power. There’s a wealth influence encapsulated in their songs - everything from folk storytelling through Afro-bass bounced funk to blues-influenced angst. Close three part harmonies weave together to create a musical tapestry of colour and depth. Adam lays down the groundwork on which Jay builds his guitar and vocals, while Tom provides a solid anchor for their music."

"Jay Carter stands head and shoulders above so many of the singer-songwriters working the circuit. His effortless groove and red wine vocals never cease to delight."

...Tristan Seume (Guitarist magazine)

"Their musicianship and songwriting skills are first class. You MUST see these guys live- they will blow your mind. One of the best support acts I have had the pleasure working with in over 40 years”.

.. Mungo Jerry ('In the Summertime' fame)

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