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Ryan started playing guitar at the age of 8, honing his talents with styles ranging from classical, flamenco and folk through to electric, before developing the percussive finger-style he is known for today. Drawing from a wide range of influences, from Eric Roche, Newton Faulkner and Coldplay, Ryan looks set to be a sure-fire hit in the future.
Despite years of experience playing guitar with other performers, vocalists & bands, Ryan only launched his solo career just over a year ago. In addition to covering various songs by established artists, Ryan quickly began building a catalogue of catchy and emotional self-written material. Drawing from his own personal experiences, it is clear that Ryan is incredibly passionate about the music he writes, with vocals and lyrics that perfectly compliment his complex guitar parts.
Having recently recorded his debut EP at Utopian Studios under the guidance of rising producer Josh Friend, Ryan has cemented his reputation as an extremely talented singer/songwriter and one who is determined to achieve success. With many gigs across London as well as performances in his native Devon under his belt, Ryan’s career now looks set to start gaining pace. Like so many great singer-songwriters, Ryan’s main priority is that people appreciate and enjoy his music, an ambition that will ensure he goes a long way.
Ryan’s debut EP “Aiming For The Sun” will be launched in January 2010

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