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Since growing up on their farmstead together, sharing milk, vole, and molasses for breakfast, it became obvious that the bond between the five Farley brothers was best expressed in music. And not football, at which they were all a bit rubbish.
The five brothers, joined by estranged cousin Phil McFarley (of the Glasgow McFarleys, notorious slum-lords and dubious import/export merchants), soon found that it was more than their mutual love of spoons and Jesus which drove them.

It was one fateful evening in 1986, the hey-day of punk-skiffle-pop-rock, that the brothers, on one of their bi-annual "Hunting trip and pilgrimage" visits to London, wandered into one of the (approximately) 270 illegal underground skiffle establishments (or "sciff pits", as they were popularly known by most trendy folk in the 80s) looking for a good hard hit of something special. But they got more than they bargained for when headline act "Fingers Simpson and the Washboard 500" were to introduce the young Farleys to the devil's own beat: swing.

We (being their proud parents) can only hope and pray that their strict religious upbringing (replete with all requisite chastity, beatings, and jumble sales) will allow them to temper Satan's rhythms with a soothing tincture of gospel folk.

Let's hope so, or it's back to tilling the fields and milking the sheep for them boys.

Josiah and Winnifred Farley.

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