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‘Equal doses of frantic energy, massive tunes and ballsy Brit attitude – Cars On Fire deserve to make it big this year.’
Katie Parsons, Kerrang Magazine

‘Cars On Fire's aural assault ripped my face off – seriously impressive. This band have a real future!Darren Sadler, Rock sound Magazine

Bristol based quartet Cars On Fire release the ‘Dig Your Own Grave’ mini-album on Oct 12 2009 on Undergroove Records. 

Taking the punk energy of The Refused, mashing it up with the neolithic riffing of Helmet and then gluing it all together with choruses so addictive they make Heroine seem like a mild pain killer, Cars On Fire are simply ELECTRIC.

‘Dig Your Own Grave’ is a dynamic clusterf**k of raw energy, emotive melody and unadulterated riff pounding that will leave you gobsmacked! Produced by Jason Wilcox (The Ghost Of A Thousand, Senser, Reuben) it is the aural equivalent of being trampled by a gaggle of stampeding, naked supermodels (punishing but somehow completely thrilling).

From the angular pulse of ‘Modus Operandi’ to the driving punch of ‘Sharks’, this is seven slabs of reinvented noise for the new millennium.

Formed in Bristol in 2006, the youthful outfit have cut their teeth on the live circuit over the past two years and demonstrated a commitment to the cause that should serve them well in the coming months.

But what really separates Cars On Fire from the masses is their uncanny ability to mix bruising heaviness with monumentally catchy choruses. Spin ‘Dig Your Own Grave’ and see what we mean.


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