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We're Japanese Voyeurs . We enjoy spitting and cursing and days in the park.

Loud music can solve all of your problems. Who needs therapy when you’ve got escapism? In a culture saturated with phony piety we want to get down to the rotting core of things. So what you feel like shit and everyone hates you? We say blame it on your parents and come party with us.

We write songs about infantile fantasies, crushing disappointments and sexual repression – actually, all kinds of repression. We’re repressed. We’re trying to get unrepressed. Or undressed. Either is fine, really. Our writing method is pretty simple; if it feels right, we put it in the song. Maybe that’s why some people say it sounds like vomit…

We’d like to think that coming to our show could be like that change scene in "American Werewolf in London" on all fours in your living room cursing at the moon whilst your humanity is stripped away from you. Yikes, that’s a bit much. Then maybe like watching 5 feral children dosed up on Gluey Porch Treatments lamenting that they weren’t born 20 years earlier.

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