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Kamla bio / press release


Just in time there bursts on the music scene a perfect mix of tender, raunchy and upbeat songs for the long lazy days and warm sexy nights of summer.


From Kamla, an exquisite jazz-blues singer and gifted contemporary song-writer comes her debut album ‘No Pretence’. It has some of the most beautiful songs you’ll hear this year with a voice that curls deliciously around the lyrics and a beat that dives straight under your skin.


Running through them all is her message ‘No Pretence’, born of the joy that only comes with love and the strength that only comes with suffering. As she says ‘my songs exist because I’ve been so happy I could laugh forever; because I’ve been so sad I feel I can’t possibly make it through the day and almost every moment sees a fresh tear rolling down my cheek; because I’ve been so furious I’ve scared myself and almost every feeling in between’.


Here is one brand-new performer with a penchant for doing things a little differently. Fiercely individual and enormously talented, her unique voice was picked up from her earliest schooldays, eventually earning her a place onstage at the London Palladium at the innocent age of 10. It took another few years before she (as a Gemini she was born to reflect the life she sees around her and communicate it to others) found the thrill of doing this with her own music but once she did, the die was cast.


This fantastic first album has been forged from an iron will; she has not only written and performed all the songs herself but formed and coached her own backing group, is her own agent and manager and has even created her own record label ‘Drifting Records Ltd’ ……… all this while holding down a very successful corporate career.


It was worth it, here are songs to hold your hand wherever you go and a message to keep you going the right way; we have been waiting for you, Kamla.

For some free downloads visit www.reverbnation.com/kamla and check out www.kamla.org.uk, www.myspace.com/kamlamusic or www.kamla.org.uk/facebook for future gigs, albums and other info. Most of all, enjoy!

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