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Without warning 2009 proved a year of progression, growth and change for UK trio Lower Than Atlantis. Since January, when LTA were halfway through the touring cycle for their fledgling E.P ‘Bretton’, the Watford based band have gone through no less than three bassists and two drummers - not to mention, most significantly, a musical rebirth of Goliathian proportions.

With the instability of their line-up threatening a return to the ‘real world’ for the band, Lower Than Atlantis’ creative core - vocalist/guitarist Mike Duce and guitarist Ben Sansom – were pushed into a cocoon of forced introspection and reflection. Fortunately, the encroaching danger that their beloved band might be collapsing around them had an unexpectedly positive effect on the young songwriters, as the twosome found themselves reconnecting with their truest musical influences and taking stock of the harsh reality that was fast surrounding them – a UK in the clutches of recession: its youth bored, in debt and out of work.

Simultaneously re-inspired, angered and afraid, Lower Than Atlantis recruited drummer Eddy Thrower and set about creating their debut full length album ‘Far Q’, a collection of songs that sees the trio completing an unintended but wholly positive metamorphosis.

Creatively inspired by such eclectic artists as Nirvana, Rival Schools, Go It Alone, Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth and Blink 182, ‘Far Q’ is a powerhouse of urgency and punk catharsis seamlessly blended with seriously infectious melody and reverence for the simple, persuasive power of ‘The Song’. And atop it all sit Mike Duce’s lyrical narratives, self-reflective and cunningly observational in equal measure, simultaneously elegiac and brimming with fervent wit. One moment you’ll nod with vigorous agreement as he lambastes generational apathy on ‘Down With The Kidz’ or ‘I’m Not Bulimic (I Just Wanted To See How Far I Could Stick My Fingers Down My Throat)’, the next you’ll grin ear to ear as ‘A/S/L?’ or lead single ‘Taping Songs Off The Radio’ offer up wry commentaries for life on the Internet - but, before you know it, you’re staring into the wide open veins of ‘Face Full Of Scars’ and the album’s title track.

‘Far Q’ is the sound of Lower Than Atlantis playing and purging like their lives depended on it – three guys playing for the love of music, playing for themselves, and in the process creating a striking partnership of music and message that is set to strike a chord with many.

Honest and tragicomic, versatile and enigmatic, Lower Than Atlantis are the sound you can’t quite put your finger on, ‘Far Q’ their calling card. Here’s to new beginnings.


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