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Andiwarren has been DJ’ing for 17 years; she has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge with regards to different sound systems, venues, crowds and music. She will adapt to any DJ genre, up to date she plays; Electro, Bassline & uplifting House, Club Classics, & Old School hardcore.  Andiwarren is well known for her old school samples and cheeky Bass lines. With an excellent ear for the right music, she is well known for bringing filthy dirty beats, fat basslines, energy and style to the dance floor.

Andiwarren  started out originally as one of the Terrible twins playing Hardcore back in 1993, she played at the longest and most outstanding  hardcore clubs 'Labyrinth' and many other clubs at the time, she was signed to a record label, Stompin Tunes in the mid 90's were she produced tunes like Burn this joint, Cained and Able and Just like that, at that time she got a lot of write ups in DJ magazines ETC, she did a PA in Stirling of records to date, and 'Burn this joint' was played on Eastender’s in the old Cobra Club scene!!!

Andiwarren progressed to play Hard house, under the name of Twice as Nice, and took the scene by storm, she played at clubs for Sunnyside up, Strawberry Sunday, Twisted, Labyrinth, Fever, adrenaline and many, many more. An event started up Underground Alliance which she was a resident for 3 1/2 years, she toured in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpa, which on Xmas eve we played in front of 4000 people in a club called Heaven.

 Andiwarren, since then she has played at Life’s chemistry (Funky House), H.a.r.d, which she was made Residency in London, Twisted, Platform 9  & Guilfest. She has her own show on www.Radioactivefm.co.uk (The Sundaze Show 4-6pm every other Sunday), Red shell,  Delice De Funk and she has played for the Loop lounge.Check out Andiwarrens most recent mixes on www.radioactivefm.co.uk    http://andiwarren.podOmatic.com/entry/2009-10-14T04_49_51-07_00


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