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BeatNik is a 21 year old Psytrance music producer and DJ, who, despite his young age, has already been producing electronic music for over a decade.

He studied classically from the age of four and his first CD release was back in December 2005 on Streamline (Nano Records). This has been followed by more releases on other influential labels such as Ministry of Sound (Psy-trance euphoria 2), Dacru (Orientation 5) Liquid Records (Divine Inventions and Quantum Effects) and more... this alongside his soon forthcoming album ‘Interloper’ on Liquid Records.

His sound is a combination of many elements: From funky, cheeky electro edged grooves, via full-on darker sounds and structures, to filmic, epic soundscapes. All this is combined with his highly energetic live set which has travelled as far Brazil, stopping off around Europe on the way, and of course featuring regularly on the English trance circuit.

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