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Dominic Shaw or Squat Dom as he is known to the U.K free party scene has been mixing at raves, teknivals, squat parties, clubs and festivals across europe for the last ten years.      
     Cutting his teeth in the london squats Dom has played out on all the heavyweight Techno sound systems in the U.K. Blagging his way onto the decks at Fuktnose, Panik, Underground Sound, Restless Natives, Tribe of Munt, Section 63, Manik, Ravenous and Psychosis to name but a few, Dom quickly built a solid reputation as a hard hitting Acid Techno D.J right across the country and has been lucky enough to share the turntables with the likes of Chris Liberator, Lenny D, Geezer, Roland The Bastard, DDR, Mark EG, D.A.V.E. The Drummer,   Punk Floyd, Audio Pankake, Stirling Moss, Acid Ted and others. Dom studied and completed a music production course at the Academy of Contemporary Music and went on to release two tracks on Wah Wah 17 with old friend Alex Jann A.K.A Rhythm Logistics and three tracks on his own digital label Fracture Records.
   Spending weekends mixing at raves anywhere from Barking to Bristol and everywhere in between, cementing a strong reputation on both the London and bumkin (out door raves, in the english countryside) scenes, he formed Semtex Sound System with some friends, teamed up with Malfaitures, E1S and Hyper Sound to embark on a two year week in week out techno onslaught on Londons disused warehouses and factories.
     In 2008 the Semtex crew joined forces with Manik in spain and Dom was lucky enough to get some engineering experience with funk audio as well as playing out all over Barcelonas squats and discoteqas. Dom has also held down residencies with S63 at the legendary club 414 Brixton and Psychosis at The Station in Woking. He also runs his own Acid Techno  event called Happy Daze in Guildford.
        Based in Guildford now Dom has set up studio and is making some ripping acid!! He's received two four star reviews in IDJ Magazine for his Wah Wah and Fracture releases and is expecting an e.p out on Corrupt Systems any time now. Expect to see a lot more from him on the Acid Techno scene in the coming years.

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