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The Free Radicals were formed in the mid-nineties way back in the last millennium, in the days when no-one else had thought of the name and few knew what free radicals were. The original members were Chris Kershaw, Mike Gibbs and Jon Atkins. Jon had previously played for Exeter based oufit, Meet My Shorts whilst Mike and Chris had formed bands including The Dodgy Jammers and Kurt Kurtain & The Curtains. The free festival scene and impromptu parties in the woods were where the genesis of the band took place, with Mike and Chris having honed their sound busking on the streets of Guildford and Jon having sailed the Atlantic, torturing his ship-mates with an out of tune mandolin.
At the Anchor pub in Godalming, whilst playing at an open mic night for Busker's Express, the band first played with spoonsman Brian Hammersly and the band became a foursome. In 2001 the debut album, Out Of The Hedge, was recorded in a limited run of 200 copies which have ended up all over the world, from Canada to Portugal to Australia and anywhere in between. Due to family commitments Brian left the band in 2005 and old school friend of Chris and Mike, Richard Johnston joined, bringing with him a wealth of percussion instruments and a variety of hats which have become a defining part of The Free Radical 'look'.
In 2007 after much haranguing by 'fans' the band decided it was time to record a second album 'Hydon's Ball'(named after a local hill fort) which was completed in May 2008 and is available for your listening pleasure (contact us -
At the end of 2008, Jon left for Geelong, Australia where he joined Aussie rockers D.A.E.T.E.D. After nearly a year in which the band spent 'writing new material', The Rads happened upon new bassist Luke Nathan. A talented all round musician (who also owns a lot of gear!), Luke joins the band at the start of an exciting new direction.

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