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SUBSOURCE SAY – “Four years ago, 20 miles south of central London, four people went into a studio to start a war.  Fucked off with so-called live dance acts mincing behind laptops, and rock acts with no more substance than the product in their hair we decided things had to change. 

The snarl of Punk, the oscillating sub bass of dubstep, the harrowing melody of coldwave all had to be in there with as much of electronica’s glitches and edits, hip-hop’s flows, the galloping ferocity of drum’n’bass and metal as possible. No subgenre’s safe from the “treatment.”  The vivisection becomes complete when firing up the live beast. Amalgamated from double bass, synths, drums, guitars, and vocals, like an amphetamised Rottweiler running riot through a free warehouse party, tearing holes in speaker cones, our live shows leave saucer eyed audiences writhing in sweat-drenched ecstasy. 

This is not a war of conflict but a war of unification.  Ravers throw shapes, as Rockers bang heads, and Rude Bois throw their hands in the air. Subsource are a Beat and Bass driven Rock act representing the underground UK dance music scene.  No treaty will be signed and the occupation will be total.”

It's no surprise that a band with a CV as connected as a nuclear power station is starting to turn a few heads. Studio sessions with The Prodigy and Akil from Jurassic 5, mosh-pit forming shows at 15 summer festivals in 2009 and sold out gigs in Berlin and Paris prompted support from the media as diverse as Metal Hammer, Eddy Temple Morris, BBC, LTD Magazine, Radio 1's Nihal and The Metro newspaper. Media almost as diverse as the band themselves: a Cambridge educated British-Chinese science prodigy, a Norwegian born multi instrumentalist, a nu-skool breaks double bass player and a DnB drummer

Following October's release of crowd favourite 'The Reason (Parasite)', Subsource's electro, metal and unique take on dubstep (Substep anyone?) influences come to the fore on the socially charged track 'The Ides'. This single will be released on 29th March with album 'Tales From The Doombox' set for release on 5th April. This ethos flows into the band's art with the album cover for 'Tales From The Doombox' being a piece by street artist Faith47, who's been dubbed the 'South African Banksy'. The cover's inscription statement of 'build you up to tear us down' reflects the nature of a self sufficient band who have fashioned lyrical paeans to the true accounts of island tribes fighting off oil companies. But it's not all work and no play. A nod to their dance roots inspired them to create the Subsource iPhone rave app, complete with flashing glow stick and lighter, not that you'll find many tender moments in a Subsource live set...

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