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We've got 3 albums out, check that shit if you haven't already (Self Titled, Saints of Excess, Lords of Oblivion)

Our monolithic new album "Lords of Oblivion" has just been released on Undergroove records (The Ghost of a Thousand, The Mirimar Disaster). Recorded by Jason Sanderson (The Plight, Rolo Tomassi). It's a hot slab of pure molten rock rolling down the side of the volcano towards your house. You can't stop it, it's going to crush you, and burn you, and crush you. A Satanic pyroclasm. Released 29 March 2010 on Undergroove records.

We've been privileged to record sessions for both Radio 1 and also XFM, you can hear the Radio 1 session recording of 'The Right Time' and 'Find an Ending 'on here.

We won the 'New Blood' competition on Scuzz TV and got the video for 'A Meeting With Foul Play' onto the telly.

But what has been the most fun is making friends on tour. The Wildhearts, Nick Oliveri and his Mondo Generator, Skid Row, My Ruin, Open Hand, Viking Skull, Year Long Disaster, The Almighty and Left Side Brain and many others. Good times.

Love is the law, love under will. (AL I:57)

Get hold of all the albums from your usual stockists, distributer, Undergroove records or digital download from iTunes or places like that, you know what to do! You are clever.

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