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Magic Eight Ball fell to Earth back in 2004 and have been making their world a better place for the music they've played together ever since. A Surrey-based power pop trio of sorts, the band's music owes as much to the soul greats as it does to plaid-clad or stadium filling rockstars.
Having performed live all across the UK, Magic Eight Ball had the honour of sharing the day's bill with their musical hero Brian Wilson at GuilFest 2009. Later that summer they also played an acclaimed set at the BBC as one of their many radio appearances, and amongst Baz Francis's lengthy solo gig résumé, Magic Eight Ball's live music was taken to the The Rainbow in Los Angeles as part of a series of Californian acoustic shows.
Taking pride in the fact that they belong to no one given genre, Magic Eight Ball put everything into whatever style they happen to be playing at that particular time, and their live show is as reflective and introspective as it is energetic and joyous. Come see for yourselves though at GuilFest 2010, and who knows, you might go in expecting just another boring band and come out having fallen in love with quite the opposite.

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“If you are a fan of classic song writing.. then Magic Eight Ball are the band for you”
(Pete Stanley ♫
“Clearly talented”
(Rogers Stevens ♫ Blind Melon)
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