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Described by BBC Radio 2's Bob Harris as "chaotic - but wonderful", Surrey-based band Two Fingers Of Firewater call themselves Country Rock Revisionists. They have recently made hundreds of new friends across the UK on their recent 'revue-style' tour with US slide guitar legend Al Perkins who said of them "They sure do play authentic country rock and are as fine a bunch of musicians and people as you will find".

They are revising the classic early 70s cosmic American music sound for modern audiences for whom the names of the original artists mean little or nothing.  Using strong melody lines, meaningful lyrics and a high standard of musicianship, the band vary their instrumental line-up by using pedal steel guitar, mandolin, accordion and synthesiser to augment their guitar, bass, drums line-up.  The distinctive country twang is provided by acoustic guitars and Telecasters, but the music never slips into C&W territory.  Lyrically they are as likely to sing about the South Bank Girl who "walks by with a pen in her hair" as they are to "count the grains of sand and count the rain" along the Endless Highway. Other tunes such as The End venture into classic Who territory with extended guitar solos and pounding basslines. Girls have been known to spontaneously erupt into dance during the opening bars of their festival favourite "Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down", a revision of a bluegrass tune from the Thirties - with added wah-wah mandolin!

"The kind of band you imagine Jack White would like to discover and keep in a cage"

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