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Exiled in 2007 from the thriving musical hub of Leeds, and incarcerated at the GSA Asylum for the Neurotically Insane (Guildford School of Acting), Sergeant Lewis frontman Roger Rowley has been stalked through an endless mirror maze of self-expectation by his own personal demon; a creature whose primordial eruptions tend to arrive with seismic shock calls for justice, understanding, and above all – love. We are talking, of course, about pop music. Pop music with really sharp edges, delivered with all the dumb eloquence of youth. Banal predicaments and fantastic tales alike are refracted through the complex prism of a troubled and analytical mind, then beamed out from behind a stone-age guitar smeared with sweat & makeup.

The violin-laden Leeds act known as Sergeant Lewis, circa 2005, would formerly be linked to vague folk and acoustic genres, with an obvious parallel to last year's Guilfest headliners The Levellers. Following a year of downtime and reflection in new surroundings however, a punishing reinvention was called for beginning with the mass cull of adequate-yet-stagnant back-cataloguers, and cemented beneath a brand new three-piece lineup. With the guitar now electric, the subject matter sharper, and all desire for general conformity thrown on a raging fire, the fumes breathed by today's Sergeant seem thick with the smell of retribution. If these are the rumblings from a loud, dirty pop-rock refinery, then the gems being polished may look slightly, dare we say, "punk" beneath the right lights...

In the light of such highly strung PR bollocks, to cite The Bluetones, Easyworld, or Terrorvision as an influence may seem a little puzzling... but there's a theatrical intention to deliver somewhere along the dazzling axis of David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Take that, planet Earth. Sergeant Lewis are: Roger Rowley (Guitar), Joe McEwen (Drums), and Eann Woodhouse (Bass).

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