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The Lightning Seeds. Who are they? Well, initially it was "who was he?" The Lightning Seeds was the brainwave of the scouse producer and guitarist Ian Broudie.

Ian Broudie had been in bands before. In the seventies, he was in the semi-legendary punk outfit Big In Japan, whose line up also included Holly Johnson and Bill Drummond. Broudie explains: "Big In Japan were arty, very Velvet Underground-like. One song, Reading the Charts, was loads of feedback with Jayne [Casey] reading that week's top 40. Somehow we made Granada TV's Whats On, which was my first time on British television." Big In Japan spilt after the single Big In Japan and a demo EP "From Y to Z and Never Again".

In 1983, Broudie teamed up with ex-Wild Swans singer Paul Simpson to form the duo Care. Care signed to the Arista label and released three singles, My Boyish Days, Flaming Sword and Whatever Possessed You. Ian still likes to perform Flaming Sword live, and it is also available as a b-side on the Sense single. Success did not amount to much. They spilt for a few reasons.

Broudie explains the split of Care: "Paul and myself had very different tastes. At the time, everything was synthesized but I was listening to a lot of 60s stuff and thought it would be a good to have flutes, bassoons and piccolos in our songs. Paul wrote me a letter saying he wasn't into the 60s stuff. He just dismissed me really."

Ian went back to dabble in more production work for bands such as the Icicle Works and Frazier Chorus. In 1989, though, Ian turned to writing songs. Still signed to Ghetto, he recorded Cloudcuckooland and chose the name Lightning Seeds, hoping that one day this little side project would become a band. In 1989, the single Upside Down was due to be released. This was cancelled and Pure was released, making # 16 in the UK Top 40 charts. In the same year, Joy was released, which failed to break the top 100. In April 1990, Ian was back in the studio recording a new version of All I Want, which had a slightly different arrangement and better production. It also failed to break the top 100.

In the same year, Broudie teamed up with Paul Simpson once again and joined the Wild Swans to record the album "Spaceflower". Ian played guitar and organ and did the production work.

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