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Ironik's Auto Biography

Itís Ironik! Big thanks to those of you touching my page for the first time, hope you enjoy and stay for a whileÖ Iíve got to shout out to all my fans that have been showing me so much love all over the UK and all over the world ñ whether its for my DJing or my music, which, thanks to you, has given me some much appreciated success recently.

Iíve been fortunate enough to DJ since I was 13, playing at some of the biggest venues with Twice As Nice to some crazy crowds! Since I got signed, Iíve performed up and down the UK and had the chance to take my music to other parts of the world including Gambia, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Sweden, Spain and many more.. Itís been a big journey, but Iím only 21 now, so I know Iíve got a lot more to give especially when it comes to my music. People know me for making music from the heart, but Iím not trying to be just one thing out here, I think that my sound could be classed as anything from grime and hip-hop to pop and R&B. As an artist, Iíll always try to push the boundaries of whatever people thought I was capable of ñ so expect to see even bigger things from me in the future ñ watch this space!


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