Goodnight Gravity

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Main Stage

It’s difficult to say when, how, or why Goodnight Gravity formed, but what started off as a couple of guys writing a few songs for a laugh, slowly evolved into the formidable 5-piece it is now.

Guitarists Adam La’Frenais and James Marshall went in search for vocalists to sing the ever growing amount of material being written. In winter 2008, the lovely and not to mention talented Maria Stafford jumped on board, in which they then thought the line-up was complete. After playing the open-mic and pub circuit for a short while the band still felt like they had bigger musical fish to fry.

More recently drummer Craig Tutton joined the line-up, to finally complete the sound they were after. The band takes on various influences; they’ll blast you with heavy riff-based rock only to kiss your ears better with ambient influences of post-rock and pop. One thing’s for sure, Goodnight gravity have a lot of emotion to get out their system."

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