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Since the unfortunate and sad end of GuilFest last year, organisers have been inundated with requests and offers of support in helping to reinstate the festival.

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Organisers have been busy and in continuing discussions with each other throughout this year looking at as to how and whether the festival could reinstate itself again next year (2014) .

Organisers want to bring back the experience that has been appreciated locally by both young and old for 21 years. The festival provides an important role in the community and it is invaluable with regard to businesses and employment, not to mention local artists and performers.
It is felt that 21 years of hard work in building this yearly family focussed independent event, which has seen a vast array of the world’s finest musicians and performers visit Guildford, cannot just be lost.

Please show your support in bringing back the local treasure that is GuilFest.

Local people have already supported us in huge numbers, and easily reached the 500 signature mark for it to get the council to debate GuilFest at their next full meeting.

We still need you to show your support to ensure it is fully realised how much support there is for the return of our festival.

Here is how you can help.....

Please sign our petition:

If you live in Guildford, please contact your local councillor - the following web site will find their details for you using your postcode:

Everyone can contact Guildford Borough Council through their web site:

Let the local media know as well:

Local Radio - Eagle Radio

Local Newspaper - Surrey Advertiser

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