Weyward Chile

Born in February 2011, Guildford boys Weyward Chile fuse a mixture of classic rock, blues and rockabilly. Creating a sound that blasts through the speakers with such force and passion that will literally blow you away.

Influenced by legends such as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Jimi Hendrix. Weyward Chile have been said to be bringing back the Rock 'N' Roll sound of the 60s, 70s and 80s that we all know and love, but there's something different there, something new, something we haven't heard before, a spark of energy, that burns the flame of Rock 'N' Roll brighter than ever before.

Their stage presence is one of those that has become a rare sight. Especially in an age of electronically dubbed music, that seems to lend no soul or passion compared to a Chile performance. With a certain theatrical and animal nature about them, Weyward Chile captures their audience's attention with a natural energy and charisma that seeps out to everyone watching, and filling the room with electricity.

Weyward Chile have arrived on the scene and set a new boundary. With every performance they seem to push it further and further testing every limit they can find, and then…..they push it a little more!

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