Velvet Razor

For 9 years "Velvet Razor" has entertained audiences around London and the South-East of England. Whilst playing live, they exude tremendous energy and they have a proven ability to entertain audiences of all ages, in intimate venues up to large festival stages (they have played a number of small, medium and large festivals on professional stages).

Their forays into the recording studio always yield interesting results, which explains their 9,750+ strong worldwide following on myspace. Melding the essence of British & American rock, in the styles of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Cult and The Doors, but with the energy of bands like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Guns N’ Roses, QoTSA, Foo Fighters, Greenday and Muse. “Hex” (initially promoted by QuiteGreat PR agency in the later part of 2010) “Hex” was the band's 6th release (Hence the title).

Hex was released in December 2010 With standout tracks like "Lover's lament" and "Do you dare to lie?"; it received favourable reviews online. Their previous release “Rainbow Warriors” (also promoted by QuiteGreat PR agency ) received positive reviews from "Classic Rock" magazine.

Here in 2012 The band are ready to go back in to the studio to work on their 7th release which has a working title of “Open eyes… Shut” the intended songs for this are somewhat a departure from their previous rock style. The first track “Indigo skies” has already been recorded and released with more tracks in the same vein to come.

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