The Sex Pistols Experience

The Sex Pistols Experience are the world's leading & only professional tribute to the most outrageous & controversial band of all time!

They've played well over 1000+ worldwide shows, are regulars on the UK & European touring & festival scene & have to date completed hundreds of UK gigs, done extensive tours of the U.S.A, Europe, & South America, taking in cities from New York to Los Angeles, El Paso to Seattle, Sao Paulo, Rio, & Maringa, Berlin to Barcelona & everywhere in between. So convincing is the live show that the BBC, Sky TV, Ch4, Fox T.v (in the US) And lately the new movie 'Who Killed Nancy?' (out now on Dvd) have all hired this band for their look-alike & sound-alike abilities for re-enactments in film & T.V.

No other Sex Pistols show has the commitment to perfecting the Pistols distinctive look and sound down to every last detail, making sure every concert performed is as dynamic, explosive & exciting as the 'real deal'. They have all the spirit & energy of the bands peak 1977 period, blended with the ability of the seasoned musicians of the later Sex Pistols reformation tours.

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