The Crosstown Trio

In the early months of 2011, three musicians met in a smokey bar just outside Reading. 

They were all looking to begin a new project that would delve into Blues, Folk and Roots music. The trio enjoy integrating jazz, funk and Mediterranean style elements into their music-resulting in a warm tonality and moving rhythms that vary from shuffles to swings to offbeat reggae grooves. Occasionally exotic instruments make an appearance on stage, but for the most part, the band use an acoustic guitar, full drum kit and double bass, layered with lead and smooth harmonizing vocals. Simple really.

The band are often described as having chemistry, both on and off stage and have far more to offer than just a nice few songs in a pub. There is a connection between them and their audience which can only be described as a camp-fire ambience.

With the festival season fast approaching, the band's debut album was complete, set to pre-sale exclusively at their upcoming Summer Gigs (including: Guilfest, WeyFest, Guildford Beer Festival) and officially release on digital platforms around September time. 

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