Penance are an all new, all metal, all ass-kicking 5-piece band from Surrey, whose only goal is to rock! Originally a four-piece, Penance have recently added guitarist Josh Brown to their ranks. 

Simon Lupton and Josh “Yoshi” Brown rip, shred and squeal the lead and rhythm work to finger bleeding tenacity, seamlessly switching positions between them.

The Dynamic Duo; no, NOT Batman and Robin, fill the rhythm section. With George Roberts on drums and Gaz Lynch on bass, these two powerhouses provide everything you need to headbang to!

And last but not least, is frontman extraordinaire and vocalist Jon “Warlock” Montague, whose guttural vocals will make you cower at home in the dark and leave you perplexed by the sonic bombardment your ears have just withstood, yet you are still able to stand and cheer for more!

Penance signed to Rising Records in August 2011 and recorded their second studio album in December 2011. Dawn of a New (sav)Age will be due for release in Summer 2012 along with their debut album Last Rites which is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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