Natalie Ross

Natalie Ross is a sassy and eccentric pop artist who will have you salivating in your seat…well that's if you’re not up 'n' dancing already.

Her finely crafted songs and recordings that are all written, co-produced, arranged and performed by her ladyship, take an acoustic guitar, kooky vocals and barbershop style harmonies to a surprisingly accessible sound.  Natalie’s live performance brings new depths with her innovative use of technology.

In November 2009 - November 2010 Natalie co-hosted The Halfmoon Unplugged with Redvers Bailey at the legendary Halfmoon in Putney. Honing her songwriting and performance skills each week led to a new modern 40's/50's pop inspired project. Vera Lynn and The Andrew Sisters, to name but a few, have been key influences.

'Wonderful polka-dot pop that would sound as good on your smart phone as it would playing from your nan's vintage transistor' - Phil Jackson (BBC The South Introducing show) May 2011.

"The splendidly eccentric Natalie Ross channels the 1940's/50's harmonies of artists like Doris Day and The Andrews Sisters through 21st Century pop sensibilities. Her bubbly dizzy-blonde stage persona belies a mastery of modern looping technology - and a grasp of the killer hook that sooner or later is bound to deliver a monster hit. In more vulnerable moments on record she's also written some of the most emotionally literate songs I've heard in the past five years." Tom Robinson (BBC6 Music).

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